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During these difficult times, we have produced these video classes to help people feel less isolated and have a bit of fun.  

v3tapps_drawing course 1 header.jpg

Session 1: Continuous Line: 

Session 2: Drawing Shells:

Session 3: Grading Tone:

Session 4: Expressive Tone:

v3tapps_collage course header.jpg

Session 1:Making Decorative Papers:

Session 2: Landscapes & Seascapes:

Session 3: Pattern & Repetition:

watercolour header.jpg

Session 1: Hedgerows:

Session 2: Trees:

Session 3: Tree in Landscape:

Session 4: Bluebell Bank:

assemblage header.jpg

Session 2: Landscape:

Session 3: Abstract Composition:

blockprinting header.jpg
drawing course 2 header.jpg

Session 1: Monochrome:

Session 2: Colour Pens & Pencils:

Session 3: Colour as Tone:

 Session 4: Drawing & Collage:

Wax resist seascapes header.jpg
pen & wash header.jpg

Session 1: flowers:

Session 2: seascapes:

Session 3: Dry Stone Walls:

Session 4: Moorland:

linoprinting header.jpg

Session 1: the basics:

Session 2: colour:

Session 3: Reduction Technique:​

Session 4: Multiple Block:

mixed media collage header.jpg

Session 1: pen & wash seascape:

Session 2: pen & wash landscape:

Session 3: textured seascape:

Session 4: textured landscape:

abstraction header.jpg

Session 1: Fragmentation:

Session 2: Simplification:

Session 3: Zomming in:

Session 4: Combining techniques:

willow & tissue header.jpg

Session 1: 2D Hanging:

Session 2: lanterns & stars:

Session 3: curved forms:

Session 4: Animals:

have fun drawing people header.jpg

Session 1: Upright Figure

Session 2: Form & Foreshortening

Session 3: Simplifying and Abstracting:

painting for beginners header.jpg

Session 1: Watercolour

Session 2: Watercolour & Mixed Media

Session 3: Acrylics

Session 4: Acrylics Still life

outdor sketching header.jpg

Session 1: Trees

Session 2: Buildings

Session 3: Playful Techniques

expressive drawing header.jpg

Session 1: Exaggeration & Distortion

Session 2: Mood and Atmosphere

Session 3: Colour Associations

Copper Art sessoon 1 video.jpg
Copper Art session 2 sheet copper_Moment_edited.jpg
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Feeling Less IsolatedFeeling Less Isolated
Artistic SkillsArtistic Skills
Feeling Connected to OthersFeeling Connected to Others

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