During these difficult times, we have produced these online classes to help people feel less isolated and have a bit of fun.  

Session 1: Continuous Line: https://youtu.be/LqQCBGtHYTc 

Session 2: Drawing Shells: https://youtu.be/m076KTdqYC8

Session 3: Grading Tone: https://youtu.be/Pf43OJ4Kbhc

Session 4: Expressive Tone: https://youtu.be/lAe0cc8wofk

Session 1:Making Decorative Papers:  https://youtu.be/ALrBRUjV_AY

Session 2: Landscapes & Seascapes: https://youtu.be/iRfR5iuqC6A

Session 3: Pattern & Repetition: https://youtu.be/9YMEBasmY5I

Session 1: Hedgerows: https://youtu.be/AnuRFBII8ag

Session 2: Trees: https://youtu.be/BwWeqCTton8

Session 3: Tree in Landscape: https://youtu.be/-dWvUweeueo

Session 4: Bluebell Bank: https://youtu.be/-Dm3yarJ-MU

Session 1: Natural Hangings: https://youtu.be/dFcRklbgYhQ

Session 2: Landscape: https://youtu.be/1nYScPxW1VA

Session 3: Abstract Composition: https://youtu.be/bykfKQ-x-BE

Session 4: Scrap Sculpture: https://youtu.be/v84hTrtVDAA

Session 1: Monochrome: https://youtu.be/lTff0q21pkw

Session 2: Colour Pens & Pencils: https://youtu.be/pK55ZauXZk8

Session 3: Colour as Tone: https://youtu.be/ukVZyyARjZk

 Session 4: Drawing & Collage: https://youtu.be/yu3b6zpSjKo

Session 1: flowers: https://youtu.be/IrM78KjeOes

Session 2: seascapes: https://youtu.be/e5Kru5pi_vI

Session 3: Dry Stone Walls: https://youtu.be/qsRqUxQXdok

Session 4: Moorland: https://youtu.be/r-zr_17XMwM

Session 1: the basics: https://youtu.be/oOrER3gmqLg

Session 2: colour: https://youtu.be/pWjBcxF-rGo

Session 3: Reduction Technique: https://youtu.be/7Nr8lXBRWGc​

Session 4: Multiple Block: https://youtu.be/gYY1etjvFxE

Session 1: pen & wash seascape: https://youtu.be/Y14XpdE2jmk

Session 2: pen & wash landscape: https://youtu.be/AwR-wI1UFFE

Session 3: textured seascape: https://youtu.be/m8vU74WQ9QQ

Session 4: textured landscape: https://youtu.be/ARBKdscLaFM

Session 1: Fragmentation: https://youtu.be/CuPwJTcva2M

Session 2: Simplification: https://youtu.be/Pk7kzQkBI28

Session 3: Zomming in: https://youtu.be/LPvvuF6QEfE

Session 4: Combining techniques: https://youtu.be/JdOCzQf6Kz8

Session 1: 2D Hanging: https://youtu.be/YKyuZQiQQMc

Session 2: lanterns & stars: https://youtu.be/JdZQ5aUQV4A

Session 3: curved forms: https://youtu.be/IjP6CXtqdSc

Session 4: Animals: https://youtu.be/ch7oKHrPCvs

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Feeling Less IsolatedFeeling Less Isolated
Artistic SkillsArtistic Skills
Feeling Connected to OthersFeeling Connected to Others


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