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Call for Members: Tavistock Craft & Sculpture Studio

West Devon Art Workshops opened a 24/7 craft and sculpture space in October 2017.  Very near the Market Street COOP, - at the Old Rope Factory behind Bannerwell Street.


This is a small space, but the following activities can take place in it:

  • Clay and plaster work

  • Wood and stone carving

  • Wire work

  • Plaster casting

  • Assemblage

  • Small scale soldering and brazing

  • Woodwork, willow etc construction


There are shared tools, a materials "shop" with an honestly box and storage for your on-going work, tools and materials. 


Membership: a £40 per month membership fee to cover rental and bills, with £120 up front as the owner wants 3 months rent in advance.  For this you would get:

  • free Thursday evening class  - just pay for materials. 

  • at least half a day open access every day - a morning, afternoon or evening tba;

  • bookable half day slots

If you are interested in finding out more, or finding out about future classes and courses, contact Andy Cairns:

07724 153381

creative sculpture Thurs eve.jpg
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